Petits Minous Slippers



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I Love Cats coloring page to download here!

The J'AIME CHAT LES CHATS pattern was designed by Papa Minou to please you and was printed on a solid cotton!
The inside of our slippers is made of high quality comfortable sheep's wool. The sole is made of non-slip and flexible leather.
Our slippers fit very well on the feet.


Why wool?
  • It is an insulator
  • It's neither too hot nor too cold, you are always at an ideal temperature
  • Unlike synthetic materials (polyester, fleece, phentex, minky), you'll never get wet feet

Here are the size tables, do not hesitate to contact us for advice before making your choice.

Toddler range

Size Foot length
0-12 months Less than 10 cm
Shoe size 4 11 cm
Shoe size 5 12 cm
Shoe size 6 12,8 cm
Shoe size 7 13,5 cm
Shoe size 8 14,2 cm
Shoe size 9 15,2 cm
Shoe size 10 16cm, maximum 17cm

Children's range

Size Foot length
Children-Small size 11 to 13 ½ 17 to 19,5 cm
Children- LARGE size 1 to 3 ½ 19,6 to 21 cm


Adult Range 

  Extra small Small         Medium     Large     Very large
Women Size 5-6½ Size 7-8½ Size 9-10½ Size 11-12½  
Men CHILDREN 4-5½ Size 6-7½   Size 8-9½ Size 10-11½ Size 12-13½

****Children and adult slippers are made in grouping of sizes, it is certain that if you or your child are in the lower limit of a grouping, there will be an unused length at the end. Before ordering, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you:****

Online purchases cannot be exchanged in store.
For an order outside Quebec, please contact us before finalizing your purchase for exact delivery costs.
The pieces are cut randomly in the fabric, so the pattern may differ slightly in positioning.
Shades may vary slightly depending on the calibration of your screen and fabric printing equipment.