Maman Minoue and her company

Caroline Tardif, mother of two young children when the company was created, wanted to offer them comfortable and practical slippers made from natural materials. The young woman, not finding any product that met her needs, decided to create for her "little kitties" Éliott and Violette slippers with a comfortable sheep's wool interior, a resistant leather sole and a colorful and playful.
 It wasn't long before other parents were clamoring for some for their toddlers. Caroline, no longer able to meet the demand (and being in the process of making another "little kitty" now named Jeanne) surrounded herself with tailors and seamstresses to help her make her quality products. Year after year, the product has been refined to respond as adequately as possible to the comfort of toddlers. The growing "little kitties", the sizes offered exclusively to young children have grown. Now, the whole family can enjoy the soft comfort of sheep's wool signed Pantoufles Petits Minous.
In constant need of creation and seeking to offer unique products, the entrepreneur embarked on a new adventure, that of creating exclusive textiles. First with the help of his accomplice and lover, they adapt illustrations and have a resistant canvas printed with their original patterns and colors. What gives us today, the collections "A day in the Wild West" & "Happiness is everywhere". Then to satisfy a creative whim, in love with fibres, Caroline decides to have two quality jacquards woven for her products, combining luxury and softness. This is how the Signature range was born. Available in sizes for adults and toddlers, we find the collections "Doodle" (explosion of pink and purple intertwining) & "A night in the country" (sober and elegant stars in black and gray). Our favorite comfort designer, on the strength of these new experiences and achievements, is therefore ready to offer you the slipper that best suits your style.