Why choose wool

Ha! Wool! At Pantoufles Petits Minous, we love wool!! Wool, the real one, the one sheared on a sheep, brings unparalleled comfort.
In our wool slippers you will always have dry feet. Many don't like to put on slippers because their feet get very wet. By wearing our slippers, you will no longer have this unpleasant feeling.
This incredible fiber is an insulator because it traps air. Your feet will then always be at an optimal temperature, you won't be hot, you won't be cold, your feet will be COMFORTABLE IN ALL SEASONS!
Wool is biodegradable and renewable.
This fiber, so popular in the past, has been somewhat set aside to be replaced, unfortunately, by synthetic fibers which have the same properties as a plastic bag...
Long live the return to natural materials!
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